What you can do:

Go shopping with your parents and look for food labels that show the animals have been raised more humanely

Help your parents cook a vegetarian meal once or twice a week.

Write a letter to your local newspaper about how bad factory farming is for the animals and the environment.

Write a letter to the member of your province's or territory's government to say that farm animals must be treated more humanely.

Do a school project about factory farming.

Email info@humanefoodforkids.ca us to tell us about your projects.

Student Projects

factory farm

Summer K. of Toronto did a project for her geography class on the differences between natural farming and factory farming.

For her project, she asked this question: “What could be done differently when it comes to farming animals for human consumption?” She then compared natural farming (right side of project) with factory farming (left side of project).

Read more about Summer's project


Sudents at General Crerar Public School learned a story about a kingdom, then imagined what they would want in an ideal kingdom.

They then used parts of the Humane Food for Kids website to talk about what would make a kingdom ideal not just for humans but for all the other animals that would live in it.