Saving the Planet


You have probably heard about "global warming" - that is that the earth is becoming warmer almost every year. It may not seem like it especially on a cold Canadian winter day. Global warming has caused floods, wildfires, droughts and other disasters.

Warming is caused by "greenhouse" gases. You have probably seen greenhouses - small buildings covered in plastic. The plastic keeps the heat from the sun inside the greenhouse, so that plants can be grown even when it is freezing outside. Greenhouse gases, although you cannot see them, act like a greenhouse for the planet keeping the heat from the sun trapped in the earth.

Greenhouse gases are mostly from what humans do. There are many causes - there are more people on the planet and they are driving more, flying more, and eating more animal products such as meat, cheese and eggs.

Just a few facts

  • Raising animals for food causes about 18% of greenhouse gases.
  • A meat based diet requires seven times more land than a plant based one.
  • To produce 1 kilogram of meat requires 3.2-7.6 kg of plant food
  • Cattle produce 40 lb. of manure for every lb. of edible beef. The manure can seep into the water systems causing pollution and illness among humans.

Reducing the amount of meat you eat can definitely reduce greenhouse gases, land use and pollution.