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Sows, boars and piglets

If you have spent time with a dog, you already know a lot about pigs! Pigs and dogs are very similar in their need for playing challenging games, getting lots of exercise and even belly rubs. Pigs loooove to have their bellies rubbed! Learn more

What makes our pig friends happy is being clean. Pigs are very smart and establish separate areas for eating, sleeping, cooling off, and going to the bathroom. Pigs are also highly sociable animals who enjoy spending their days rooting around, cuddling for warmth or security, or cooling off in a bog together. As we mentioned, pigs and dogs are very similar!
Some pigs are very lucky as they are in a free range farm or a sanctuary, but some are on factory farms where, mother pigs are kept in cages with hardly any room to move.
PETA Kids has shown us what we have in common with pigs.  Learn more