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Cows, bullS and calves

Cows are gentle souls. If they do not feel threatened in any way, they are pretty laid back, and spend most of their day grazing and watching for behavioural cues from their herd mates so they can act accordingly. If cows see a game is being played, or if head scratches are being offered, they will probably want to join in on the fun! Learn more
What makes all cows happy is when they can live with their family and friends. The bond between a mother cow and her baby, or calf, is especially strong. Mother cows do not like being separated from their calves. If she cannot find her calf, she will moo for weeks until her throat becomes dry. Her moos can be heard for kilometres.  
If you have been wondering what milk is and how humans get milk from cows, PETA Kids has created a helpful comic strip Learn more