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Chickens, turkeys

and ducks

Chickens, turkeys and ducks may look quite similar, but they all have very different personalities! Some are chatty, others are investigators, and some are protectors of their flock friends. It’s important to always ask first, but many chickens, turkeys and ducks love hugs!  Learn more.

What makes all our feathered friends happy is when mother birds can protect and nurture their babies, or chicks, even before they hatch. Chickens, turkeys and ducks are also very social animals who like to spend their days on walking adventures, pecking around in grass, with their flock friends and family.
Yet egg laying hens in battery cages are so crowed, they can't even stretch one wing and are very uncomfortable due to standing on a wire floor.  When we know better, we can do better.
If you would like to learn more about how chickens are raised for human consumption, PETA Kids has an informative page where you can learn more.